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 Our Mission

Right On Track, a nonprofit established in 2021, has the mission of enhancing the common public high school track with strength-training equipment, and then designating the area, during non-school and non-practice hours, as the neighborhood's free outdoor gym.  

With doctors of physical therapy and other healthcare/fitness professionals offering education on how to make best use of the track and equipment, we have a more physically, emotionally, and socially healthy neighborhood.

How We Got Here

WT White High School in Dallas, Texas is the first public high school to welcome this Right On Track project.  Before school begins, and in those after-dinner hours, local neighbors make great use of the track and strength-training area, which has been named The Wellness Connection.  This is a place where neighbors not only build aerobic endurance and increase/preserve muscle mass, but also improve balance, agility, coordination, and flexibility.  And, equally important, they are meeting up with friends and making new ones.  Simply put, it's the practice of lifestyle medicine. 

Kuddos to Dallas Independent School District for working with the neighbors to help create the first Right On Track site.  DISD realized the win-win potential of Right On Track...the school gains a campus improvement, namely more space and additional training options for their sports teams and PE classes; the neighbors gain a free outdoor gym just walking distance away; and the relationship between school and community grows in a positive manner.

Right On Track is ready to help other public high schools and their surrounding neighborhoods create their free outdoor gym.  

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Welcome to Right On Track

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Right On Track Services

We're committed to offering guidance and resources to help your neighborhood public high school track become a Right On Track success!

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How to Finance a Right On Track?

Let us guide you on how to finance a Right On Track project, detailing currently available funds and grants, and ideas for neighborhood fundraising.


Contact us for recommendations on strength-training equipment.  Different Right On Track sites have the same (or similar) equipment so education videos apply to all.


Let us guide you to local doctors of physical therapy and/or healthcare-fitness professionals for guidance on how best to utilize your Right On Track.

Get in Touch


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